In Sydney

My name is Leon Giesen.

I live in Utrecht, close to Amsterdam, in The Netherlands.

I have been a professional musician for 10 years:

Toontje Lager

And an award winning documentarymaker for television for 10 years:

Met gouden beeld

And for the last 10 years I have been touring The Netherlands with a (again award winning) combination of those two worlds.




Mondo in Woerden

The world of music (and stories) and the world of film (and stories).

Mondo op de Parade


I have called this combination 'MONDO LEONE' (Italian for Leon's World).

And have named my profession 'STORY HUNTER '.

Typical for Leon's World are:

Chewing Gum

The eye for detail...

This is a painted piece of chewing gum that I saw in London.

The fact that I do things my own way...

Gouden Beeld

I am recycling the award that I have won.

Gouden Randjes

I had this guilded 'Dutch Oscar' cut into pieces.

And I leave those pieces behind wherever people try to make the world more beautiful.

I call these engraved slices of my award: 'Gouden Randje' which is Dutch for 'Golden Lining'.


The engraving says: The K5LA (an American trainhorn that produces a, in my ears, truly magnificent chord) makes the world more beautiful.


I have glued this particular 'Gouden Randje' onto the arm of a railway crossing where the Amtrak trains 'whistle' this big-band-like chord.

Ben Wilson

And I have also honoured Ben Wilson, the artist that paints on chewing gum in London with a 'Gouden Randje' saying: Painted gum makes the world more beautiful.

And the last characteristic of Mondo Leone is that:

I do not rest until I have found the answers to the everyday mysteries I encounter.

This can be finding the man responsible for the poetical tuning of the train horn.

Or finding the place where a French postman called Ferdinand Cheval:

Ferdinand Cheval

Fell over a stone while doing his round in 1879.

He went back to look at the stone and thought the stone was beautiful.

He started collecting those stones and built a palace in his backyard, using stones he had found, all by him self:

Palais Ideal

The 'Palais Ideal'.

It took him 33 years.

Eventually he did his rounds (32 km) pushing a wheel barrow to collect stones with.

Palais Ideal

He has always been vague about the exact spot where he stumbled.

The museum doesn't know....

Gouden Randje in Frankrijk

But I made a reconstruction and I do.


And maybe I solved another mystery.

I think I broke a nazi-code.


A big newspaper ran an article about a coded sheet of music that suposedly lead to the location of a nazi-treasure (100 bars of gold and Hitler's personal diamonds).

A journalist had spent 7 years trying to break the code, but to no effect.

He gave up and published the document.

M met blokjes

I recognized the letter M that was used.


Because I have a lovesong called M.

And had made a picture of an M on a Berlin railwaystation:


I discovered that the code is about the railway.

And after three days I had cracked it.

At least... I thought, and still think, I have a very good theory.


I have always said that, suppose I am right, I don't want to have anything of what is buried there.

But I would very much like to know if I am right.


Geologists, using ground radar, have seen an anomaly in the ground, exactly there where I say something must be buried.


Unlike regular treasure hunters I made my theory public and crowdfunded the test drilling:


And the unearthing (under supervision of a bomb expert) of the anomaly.


One could say there was no treasure buried there.

Me in the hole

But there is now.

I buried something.

The treasure of Mondo Leone.

Thank you party for al participants

And during the big party we held for all 1000 people that supported the search (for 50 euro's each) I told the people what this treasure is.


But I will not tell you.